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A. Tai Chi

Chen Style ( Original Style Of All Tai Chi )

  • 38 Movement (sanshiba) – Introduction to Chen Tai Chi form. Created by Master Chen Xiao-Wang.

  • Old Form First Routine

  • Old Form Second Routine (Pao Chui or Canon Fist)

  • Sword

  • Broadsword
  • Push Hand and Tai Chi Chin-na

Cheng Man-Ching Style

  • 37 Movements

B. Chi Kung


Yin Yang Tai Chi – Chi Kung

  • Easy to learn.

  • Feel the benefits in a short time.

  • Includes all Tai Chi principles within the movements.

  • Ideal as a beginner's course for students who want to progress to learning Tai Chi.

Six Words Healing Chi Kung.( As Being Taught By Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang)

  • To strengthen the internal organs:liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and triple burners

C. Workshops and private tuition available.

Private tuition A$100/ hour (one on one)   A$120/hour (two on one)    Only available on daytime


20th July 2015


St Aidan's Church (corner of O.G. & Payneham Road)


Fee : A$ 130 Per 9 weeks term (60 min. per week)